I was born in Chuquicamata, Chile, February 29, 1962. I've lived overseas for more than 14 years.

My places of residency and approximate time frames are as follows:

                Iquíque, Chile (1 year)
Tucson, AZ, USA (1 year)
Chuquicamata, Chile (1 year)
New Delhi, India (2 years)
Sydney, Australia (3 years, grade school)
Tucson, AZ, USA (1 year, grade school)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2 years, grade school)
Tucson, AZ, USA (3 years, middle school)
Guadalajara, Mexico (4 years, high school)
Colorado Springs, CO, USA (4 years, college)
Fort Bragg, NC, USA (2 years, enlisted)
Blacksburg, VA, USA (1 year, graduate school)
Quito, Ecuador (6 months)
Blacksburg, VA, USA (1 year)
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (1 year)
Denver, CO, USA (2 months)
Seattle, WA, USA (1 year)
San Jose, CA, USA (1 year)
Sunnyvale, CA, USA (19 years)
San Jose, CA, USA (since 2011)

Additionally, I have visited several other countries for short periods of time, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Peru and France.

My father, Bill (born in Massachusetts, USA, 1934), is a highly accomplished geologist (retired since the late '80s) living in Tucson.

(UPDATE: Dad battled lung cancer for a year before being given brain irradiation to prevent it spreading to the brain. Unfortunately, the treatment started a cascade of physical and mental failures, resulting in weight loss and confusion. He did not want to go into a retirement home, so my sister and I set him up in a condo off the beach in La Paz, Mexico--his favorite fishing town--with 24-hour care. His health continued to deteriorate over several months. He died in July 2011. His fishing buddies took us out to spread his ashes over his favorite fishing spot.)

My mother, Sheri (born in Travencore, India, 19388), has been a professional harpist for much of her life and lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have one sister, Sue (born in Chuquicamata, Chile, 1965), currently working as a language translator in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

My family

Me, my mother, sister and father at my sister's wedding, mid-1980s.

My mother, the harpist.

My father, the roosterfish fisherman.

The whole family at a 1982 family reunion in the Northeastern US.

My sister and me dressed for school in Sydney, Australia, around 1970.

Me sitting on a leopard on the front lawn of my grandmother's next-door neighbor in Tucson, around 1966.