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If you argue with creationists—or if you're a creationist who would like to understand why others are not—you need to understand at least the basics of:

Below is a collection of over 1,370 links to videos (and more) created by the YouTube community that will provide you with an excellent foundation for understanding evolution and countering creationist claims. Browse through the sections using the links below, or use the find command to search for a specific keyword. The latest entries are listed with the word "NEW!" next to them.


Note: Some videos would fit well into several sections—especially those which are part of a series—but each is only listed once.

Note: If anyone would like to suggest additions to (or even deletions from) this list, or notify me of errata/linking issues, please post them as a comment on the introductory video at or send me a private message through YouTube (if you don't have a YouTube account, you can email your suggestions to Qualifying videos should help educate people and prepare them to debate by explaining the evidence for evolution, clarifying how science works, showing the problems with religious belief, addressing creationist claims, and/or sharing perspectives on atheism (this is why some otherwise excellent videos are not included in this list. See the above outline of sections to see the appropriate categories). The suggested videos should be clear, concise, powerful, entertaining, thought-provoking and factual. They should not be just rambling, "talking head" VLOGS or insulting rants at specific YouTubers (unless they really address broader issues that fulfill the intent of this list...or are just too damn good to not include!) Ideally, suggestions for the Humor and Entertainment section should educate as well as amuse. This list is periodically modified, so please check back now and then to find new additions.


Understanding why so many people believe in religions and other false claims:
"Psychology of Belief" (by AntiCitizenX)

The fundamental difference between science and religion:
"God versus the Neutrino" (by AntiCitizenX)

Understanding how empiricism and falsification work to build knowledge, and how religion fails to achieve knowledge:
"The Black Box of Empirical Falsification" (by AntiCitizenX)

Why it is unreasonable to resort to a supernatural explanation to explain phenomena:
"Why God is a Poor Scientific Explanation" (by antybu86)

How morals could evolve naturally:
"Natural Morality" (by antybu86)

Understanding why extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence:
"Extraordinary Evidence" (by askegg)

How few people value and understand science despite its importance in society:
"Science vs Lore" (by C0nc0rdance)

The importance of evolutionary theory:
"The light of evolution: What would be lost" (by C0nc0rdance)

Why it is unscientific to observe an anomaly and conclude supernatural or paranormal claims:
"Anomalies" (by C0nc0rdance)

Understanding what makes a theory scientific:
"The Tyranny of Evidence: Do Scientists Use Dogma?" (by C0nc0rdance)

Why science often reveals our common sense is wrong:
"Common Sense Is Worthless in Science" (by C0nc0rdance)

The unreasonableness of applying different scrutiny to non-favored viewpoints:
"Intelligent Design and AIDS Denialism: What do they have in common?" (by C0nc0rdance)

Understanding the increasing accuracy of scientific theories:
"The Relativity of Wrong" (by C0nc0rdance)

The value of removing unnecessary assumptions from an argument:
"Occam's Razor" (by C0nc0rdance)

Why science is such a powerful system for gaining knowledge and eliminating false knowledge:
"Peter Atkins: "Science As Truth"" (by C0nc0rdance)

Explaining the colloquial and scientific differences between the concepts of theory and fact, and how they relate to evolution:
"Evolution Theory AND Fact" (by cdk007)

Why HOW we think is more important than WHAT we think:
"Critical Thinking Series" and more (by crazypills2)

Techniques for properly debating creationists:
"How to Debate Creationists- Part I" (by DonExodus2)

How to debate a creationist who claims evolution is based on faith:
"Evolution and Faith" (by DonExodus2)

NEW! A clear explanation of the difference between hypothesis, theory and law in science:
"Theory vs. Hypothesis vs. Law… Explained!" (by It's Okay To Be Smart)

Dr. Boghossian explains how faith-based processes are unreliable, decreasing the likelihood that one will have true beliefs:
"Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions (faith vs. reason lecture)" (by LibertarianSara)

Podcasts on the importance and understanding of critical thinking:
"The Critical Thinker" (by PhilosophyFreak)

(Additional parts to the series don't necessarily fit well on this list but are worth viewing)

Showing how science is not based on faith:
"The faith cake" (by QualiaSoup)

Creationist mistakes in claims of probability:
"Flawed thinking by numbers" (by QualiaSoup)--PRIVATE

Poor understanding of probability leads many to unjustified supernatural beliefs instead of accepting coincidence:
"It *could* just be coincidence" (by QualiaSoup)

Why personal testimony is unreliable:
"The problem with anecdotes" (by QualiaSoup)--PRIVATE

How flawed claims for open-mindedness are often examples of close-mindedness:
"Open-mindedness" (by QualiaSoup)

Understanding the principles and strengths of critical thinking:
"Critical Thinking" (by QualiaSoup)

Why those who make supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof:
"The burden of proof" (by QualiaSoup)


Experiment showing how new genetic material can occur through mutation and allow a species to evolve through natural selection:
"Superbug (Harvard Experiment explained)" (by 60Minutes9)

The history of our understanding the universe:
"Welcome to the Universe" (by AndromedasWake)

Inefficiencies found in living organisms support evolutionary theory:
"Disproving the Intelligent Design Hypothesis" (by antybu86)

A response to the common creationist question of where the universe came from:
"Where did EVERYTHING come from?" (by AronRa)

NEW! The evidence revealing the origin of life:
"Abiogenesis" (by AronRa)

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward reading from Dawkins' writings:
"Richard Dawkins" (by AscendingParadigm)

Scientists reflect on creationism:
"Creationism - Hear the Scientists Respond" (by bdw5000)

NEW! A TEDTalks presentation on experiments to create life through natural processes:
"The Line Between Life and Not Life (Ted Talks)" (by bdw5000)

The story of the universe and our place within it:
"From Big Bang to Man" (by Best0fScience and Geochron from the Cassiopeia Project)

Detailed explanations of the evidence for evolution:
"Facts of Evolution / Natural Selection" (by Best0fScience)

Explaining how evolution works:
"Mechanisms of Evolution" (by Best0fScience)

Using simulations to demonstrate the power of natural selection:
"How Evolution REALLY Works" (by cdk007)

Explaining the origins of life, the universe and everything:
"Origins the Series" (by cdk007)

Several lines of evidence for evolution:
"Evidence for Evolution" (by cdk007)

Showing how a clock actually COULD evolve:
"Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker" (by cdk007)

How the supposedly "irreducibly complex" bacterial flagellum evolved:
"The Evolution of the Flagellum" (by cdk007)

How the supposedly "irreducibly complex" bombardier beetle evolved:
"Evolution of the Bombardier Beetle" (by cdk007)

An explanation of how radiometric dating works:
"Radiometric Dating is Flawed!! Really?? How Old IS the Earth?" (by cdk007)

National Geographic documentary comparing humans and apes:
"The Human Ape" (by djarm67) (first of 10 videos)

National Geographic documentary on dinosaur evolution:
"Dinosaur Evolution" (by djarm67) (first of 5 videos)

Animal Planet documentary on the evolution of fish to tetrapod:
"Tetrapod Evolution" (by djarm67) (first of 5 videos)

Discovery Channel documentary on the evolution of dinosaurs to birds:
"Dinosaur to bird evolution" (by djarm67) (second of 5 videos, first is blocked)

History Channel "Evolve" documentary describing the evolution of the eye:
"Eye Evolution" (by djarm67) (first of 5 videos)

A brief explanation of evolutionary theory:
"The Theory of Evolution in 2 Minutes" (by DonExodus2)

What evolution is and how it works:
"How Evolution Works" (by DonExodus2)

Evidence for evolution for which creationism has no reasonable answer:
"Evolution Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt" (by DonExodus2)

Understanding what abiogenesis is and how life could have formed on Earth:
"How Abiogenesis Works" (by DonExodus2)

Dealing with the most common misperceptions creationists have about evolutionary theory:
"Top Myths About Evolution – I" (by DonExodus2)

Clearing up the creationist misperception about evolution that one species can give birth to another:
"Evolution: Have you ever seen a dog turn into a cat? Part I" (by DonExodus2)

The fossil evidence for transitional forms for amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and whales:
"Transitional Fossils" (by DonExodus2)

Evolution doesn't explain where life comes from, only what happened after it did:
"Evolution is not Abiogenesis, or The Big Bang" (by DonExodus2)

How comparative anatomy, embryology, the fossil record, genetics, ERVs, the phylogenetic tree, etc. support evolutionary theory:
This is Why Every Scientist Accepts Evolution (by DonExodus2)

How new information can be added to genes:
"How Evolution Adds New Information" (by DonExodus2)

Understanding how kin selection can explain the evolution of altruism:
"Evolution of Altruism" (by DonExodus2)

Explanations of evolutionary principles modeled on Salman Khan's "Khan Academy":
"Forsdyke Evolution Academy - Introduction" (by forsdyke1)

How to teach evolution to kids:
"Ancestor's Tale for Kids - interactive program based on book by Richard Dawkins" (by ghostsofevolution)

The history of understanding death and extinction (by ghostsofevolution):

Lawrence Krauss gives a naturalistic explanation for the origin of the universe:
"'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss, 2014" (by Lawrence Krauss)

Jerry Coyne describes the state of evolution understanding in the US and the evidence that supports evolution:
"Why Evolution is True and Why Many People Still Don't Believe It (Jerry Coyne)" (by LibertarianSara)

Evolutionary biologist David Wake explains how ring species are strong evidence for evolution:
"California Salamanders - Evolution in Action" (by LibertarianSara)

Correcting common misperceptions about how evolution works:
"Myths and misconceptions about evolution - Alex Gendler (TEDEducation)" (by LibertarianSara)

Showing the major evolutionary developments of life using a single morphing organism:
"A small basic Journey of how Evolution Happens" (by LozTheAtheist)

How morality can exist without any "moral law-giver":
"The Roots of Our Morality" (by noelplum99)

NEW! How human vs. chimpanzee chromosomes strongly support evolution:
"How To Shut Up Pesky Creationists" (by pariskillton) 

The evidence for the Big Bang:
"The Evidence For The Big Bang In 10 Little Minutes" (by philhellenes)

Why religion likely evolved:
"God: The Love Born of Terror" (by philhellenes)

Pondering whether there is a multiverse:
"This Remarkable Thing" (by philhellenes)

Putting the huge amount of time of Earth's history into perspective:
"Dust That Sings" (by philhellenes)

The scientific explanations for a variety of origins and processes:
"From Big Bang to Us -- Made Easy" (by potholer54)

How ring species support evolutionary theory and contradict the biblical notion of "kinds":
"Ring species -- the abridged version" (by potholer54)

Addressing some misconceptions and explaining some of the basics of evolution:
"Evolution" (by QualiaSoup)

Stephen Hawking explains how the universe could come from nothing:
"Did God Create the Universe?" (by Question Everything)

Evidence that chimpanzees have morality similar to humans:
"God of the Chimps?" (by rationalmuscle)

Lectures on evolutionary biology and ecology from Yale University:
"Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology" (by saylorfoundation)

Rebutting the Creation Ministries International article, "Is Evolution Scientific?":
"How Evolution Is Scientific" (by shanedk)

How evolution can easily create new information through gene duplication and mutation:
"Evolution CAN Increase Information (Classroom Edition)" (by shanedk)

Using a simulation of the three intrinsic properties of life to show how microevolution leads to macroevolution:
"Evolution for ID-iots (version 2.0)" (by Thunderf00t)

How morality could evolve:
"Christianity's Problem With Morality" (by Underlings)

Beautiful video journeys depicting discoveries in the history of life, the Earth and the universe (by UppruniTegundanna):

(Additional parts to the series don't necessarily fit well on this list but are worth viewing)

NEW! Summarizing the wide variety of evidence for evolution and how it functionally disproves creationism:
"The Evidence For Evolution Made Easy" (by VoysovReason) 

Comparing the evolution of language with biological evolution:
"Describing Evolution Through Linguistics" (by Zaunstar)

The evidence for the Big Bang:
"Big Bang ! With Evidence" (by ZOMGitsCriss)

The evidence for evolutionary theory:
"Evolution - Evidence and ‘Gaps'" (by ZOMGitsCriss)


Debunking creationist claims about cosmology:
"CrAP Debunked" (by AndromedasWake)

The false assumptions of the Kalam cosmological argument:
"Kalam Cosmological Argument" (by AndromedasWake)

Debunking common creationist claims:
"Me VS God" (by AntiCitizenX)

A refutation of intelligent design claims:
"Why the Argument From Design Fails" (by antybu86)

Refutations of William Lane Craig's arguments for the Kalam cosmological argument (by antybu86):

Philosophical, sociological and scientific arguments for why creationism is false and evolutionary theory is valid:
"Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism" (by AronRa)

How phylogenetics is strong evidence for evolution from common ancestry:
"Falsifying Phylogeny" (by AronRa)

Evidence for the dishonesty in creationism:
"How could creationism not be dishonest?" (by AronRa)

What the world was actually like the day creationists claim the universe was created:
"An Archaeological Moment in Time" (by AronRa)

A simple test to show that the eye is not intelligently designed:
"Richard Dawkins on Eye Evolution" (by bdw5000)

NOVA documentary showing the defeat of Intelligent Design in Dover:
"Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" (by bdw5000)

Philosophy professor Peter Millican responds to William Lane Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument for God:
"Debunking the Kalam Cosmological Argument" (by bdwilson1000)

"Scientists counter creationist/intelligent design proponent's claims":
"Creationism - Hear the Scientists respond" (by bdwilson1000) 

How the math involved in Noah's Flood doesn't add up:
"The Math of the Great Flood" (by binaryspider)

Problems with Islam and religious faith in general (by CEMBadmins):

The evidence for why there is only a brain, not a soul:
"Ghost in the Machine: Is there a soul?" (by C0nc0rdance)

The fallacy of claiming Sye Ten Bruggencate's claim that only Christians can account for logical, scientific and moral absolutes:
"The Counter-Apologetic to Sye's TAG Argument" (by C0nc0rdance )

How chemotaxis is explained by evolution:
"ID Creationism and Bacterial Chemotaxis" (by C0nc0rdance)

Quick answers to common creationist claims against evolutionary theory:
"Top 10 List Why Anti-Evolutionists are WRONG" (by cdk007)

Why the "common design, common designer" claim makes little sense:
"Why Common Design Common Designer = FAIL" (by cdk007)

The differences between living systems and manufactured objects shows why Intelligent Design is wrong:
"Why Intelligent Design is WRONG, Part I" (by cdk007)

Showing how the Earth cannot possibly be 6,000 years old:
"Why Young Earth Creationists are WRONG" (by cdk007)

Showing how microevolution can lead to macroevolution:
"Why Creationists are WRONG about MacroEvolution" (by cdk007)

How small changes through mutation lead to big changes over time:
"Big Numbers: a Concept Creationists Don't Understand" (by cdk007)

The problems with the creationist definition of "kind":
"The Creationist Concept of Kind" (by cdk007)

The problem with the form of "super-evolution" that creationists believe occurred:
"The Creation Museum Teaches Super Evolution" (by cdk007)

An extensive list of evidences against creationism:
"What Every Creationist Must DENY" (by cdk007)

How hospitable is the universe to life?:
"Is the Universe Fine Tuned for Life?" (by cdk007)

Debunking claims that Earth is at the center of the universe:
"Testing Geocentrism" (by CoolHardLogic)

An in-depth debunking of William Lane Craig and the Kalam Cosmological Argument:
"Countering the Kalam 01" (by CounterApologist)

Debunking the claims of Walter Veith against evolutionary theory:
""What Do the Rocks Reveal" Debunked" (by cre8ivmind)

"Debunking "The fossil record speaks""

Debate between PZ Myers and Geoffrey Simmons:
"PZ Myers destroys Simmons in evolution debate" (by djarm67) (first of 5 videos)

A documentary on the Scopes trial:
"Scopes Monkey Trial" (by djarm67) (first of 8 videos)

Understanding science and religion:
"Discovering Religion" (by DiscoveringReligion)

Several observations creationism doesn't explain but that evolution does:
"Questions for people who don't accept evolution" (by DonExodus2)

How creationists use deception, quote mining and fear to convey false information:
"Creationism Dishonesty and Immorality" (by DonExodus2)

Why creationism should not be taught in schools:
"Why Teaching Creationism is a Horrible Idea" (by DonExodus2)

Examining how few scientists actually reject evolution:
"List of Scientists Rejecting Evolution- Do they really?" (by DonExodus2)

Why does creationism get a special pass when it makes absurd claims?:
"Putting Creationism Into Perspective" (by DonExodus2)

Creationist dishonesty toward gradualism and punctuated equilibrium:
"Punctuated Equilibrium and Creationist Dishonesty" (by DonExodus2)

How the lack of genetic variability in cheetahs refutes the claim that all species descended from small populations 4,000 years ago:
"Noah's Ark and the Cheetah" (by DonExodus2)

Structures found in birds that are explained by evolution but not creationism:
"Flawed Design in Birds" (by DonExodus2)

Understanding some of the forces involved in the hydroplate theory:
"Noah's Flood - a theory in crisis" (by dprjones)

The false assertions of belief based on faith:
""Faith: Pretending to know things you don't know" by Dr. Peter Boghossian" (by drpeterboghossian)

Refuting Kent Hovind's claims against evolutionary theory:
"Hovindism of the Week" (by ExtantDodo)

Additional related videos:

Defining multiple types of fallacies with specific examples made by creationists:
"Top 25 Creationist Fallacies": (by ExtantDodo)

An in-depth refutation of John Pendleton's claims against evolutionary theory:
"Critical Analysis of John Pendleton's Age of the Earth" (by ExtantDodo)

An in-depth refutation of Janet Folger's claims against evolutionary theory:
"Critical Analysis of Evolution vs. Creation" (by ExtantDodo)

An in-depth refutation of the "Case For a Creator":
"Critical Analysis of Case for a Creator" (by ExtantDodo) (not on YouTube due to targeting by creationists for copyright infringement)

Creationists place unreasonable claims on evolutionary theory:
"Creationists are the Ultimate Skeptics" (by FightingAtheist)

Examining the problems with Noah's Flood:
"Some problems with the Flud" (by FSAthe1st)

A Christian educator reconciles the Bible with science by debunking young Earth creationism:
"Science and Christian Education" (by glovergj)

How to deal with common creationist claims:
"How to Pwn a YEC" (by JaguarJ0nes)

Dan Barker exposing the fallacies and scientific mistakes theist use to argue God exists:
"Atheist Debates God (Debunking 7 Most Common Theist Arguments)" (by JoniversityMirror)

Examining the flawed assumptions made by proponents of design arguments for the existence of God:
"The Assumptions of Design Proponents" (by KnownNoMore)

The laryngeal/vagus nerve evidence against intelligent design:
"Evidence for Evolution: Bad Design (Richard Dawkins)" (by LibertarianSara)

A critical analysis of The Discovery Institute's "Icons of Evolution":
"Critical analysis of "Icons of evolution"" (by Mirrorextantdodo)

A critical analysis of Harun Yahya's "Molecular Collapse of Evolution":
"Critical analysis "molecular collapse of evolution"" (by Mirrorextantdodo)

An analysis of the many and massive problems with the Noah's Flood story:
"The Noah's Ark of Total Bullshit!" (by noelplum99)

Debunking the "macrocodes" Christians believe exist in scripture:
"Jesus In Genesis: A Study of Macrocodes" (by prettpalmer)

Technical explanations for astronomy that contradicts creationism:
"Ozmoroid Bloviates" (by Ozmoroid)

Why the huge number of stars in the universe supports cosmological evolution:
"Atheism: The Stars Are On Our Side" (by philhellenes)

Advice for how to free yourself from religion:
"How To Fight A God" (by philhellenes)

A response to the claim that many great scientists believed in God:
"Why Don't Scientists Fear Hell?" (by philhellenes)

Debunking various creationist claims:
"Debunked" (by Potholer54debunks)

How creationists are finally accepting speciation and thus evolution...while insisting they're not:
"Potholer and Hovind Come Together (Not like that!)" (by Potholer54)

NEW! Debunking creationist claims about the historical record, world population growth and sandstone formation:
"Making History fit the Bible" (by Potholer54)

Why religion and other superstitions are unreliable and untrustworthy:
"Superstition" (by QualiaSoup)

Why faith has no place demanding agreement or punishing disagreement:
"Putting faith in its place" (by QualiaSoup)

Addressing common claims of irreducible complexity:
"Irreducibile complexity cut down to size" (by QualiaSoup)

Is DNA a code written by God?:
"DNA Code: Man 1, God 0" (by rationalmuscle)

The abysmal track record of accepting premises based on intuition:
"The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy: A Brief History of the Failures of Intuition" (by SisyphusRedeemed)

How the concept of the "infinite" and the theories of cosmologists cause problems for the arguments for the existence of God:
"Debunking the Kalam Cosmological Argument" (by skydivephil)

The false assumptions theists make when claiming the universe is fine tuned for life:
"The Fine Tuning Argument Debunked- responding to William Lane Craig, Adam Deen and other theists" (by skydivephil)

Four useful questions to use when debating creationists:
"Creation and Evolution - 4 Fundamental Questions" (by smaakjeks)

Refuting the common apologist claims of evidence for the resurrection:
"Burying the Resurrection Challenge" (by TaylorX04)

Refuting William Lane Craig's "proofs" for God:
"William Lane Craig" (by Th1sWasATriumph)

Extensive series of creationist debunking:
From The Atheist Experience call-in cable access TV show (by TheAtheistExperience)
There are far too many episodes to list here, but below are a few choice examples:

Musings on the problems and failures of Christian belief:
"TheFaithCheck Series" (by TheFaithCheck)

Debunking common Islamic arguments:
"'Islamic Arguments' Debunked Series" (by TheIslammiracle)

Debunking Islamic claims of miracles:
"'Quran Miracles' Debunked Series" (by TheIslammiracle)

Debunking common creationist arguments:
"Top Ten Creationist Arguments" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

Debunking creationist claims in a wide variety of fields:
"Why do people laugh at creationists?" (by Thunderf00t)

Why so few scientists believe in creationism:
"Why Don't More Scientists Believe in Creationism?" (by Underlings)

Explaining how each of the Kalam cosmological argument's claims are founded on fallacies or errors of fact:
"Deconstructing the Kalam Cosmological Fallacies?" (by Underlings)

A simple argument showing the problems with the Kalam Cosmological Argument by using its own techniques:
"The Counter-Kalam Cosmological Argument " (by Underlings)

Using the law of complex origins to show how invoking  the law of causality causes problems for the Kalam Cosmological Argument:
"Proof That God Did Not Create Our Universe (The Godless Cosmological Argument)" (by Underlings)

Addressing each of the best arguments apologists present for the existence of God:
"The Best Arguments For God" (by Underlings)

NEW! Debunking Jason Lisle's fallacious claims that he has proof of biblical creationism:
"Debunking Creationists - Dr. Jason Lisle" (by VoysovReason)

Debunking the "hydroplate theory" to explain Noah's Flood:
"Creation Science 101, Hydroplate Theory" (by WildwoodClaire1)

Debunking Kent Hovind's claim that the mammoths were wiped out in a single catastrophe:
"Creation Science 2: Frozen Mammoths" (by WildwoodClaire1)

NEW! Problems with Alvin Plantinga's claim that evolution would result in unreliable belief systems:
"The Inner Limits - Part 1" (by zarkoff45) (first of a series)

Techniques to consider when debating a creationist:
"How To Argue With A Creationist" (by Zaunstar)

Problems with Scripture:

Contradictions concerning the birth of Jesus:
"The Nativity [An Atheist Reads the Bible - 14]" (by 43alley)

NEW! How the historical record contradicts the Christian depiction of the birth of Jesus:
"The Unreliable Birth Story of Jesus" (by 43alley)

Refuting the claim that Mohammed was not a child rapist:
"The Child-Raping Prophet" (by antybu86)--PRIVATE

How Genesis is based on previous myths and religions:
"The Evolution of Genesis" (by AronRa)

Determining the reliability of the Bible:
"The word of God" (by askegg)

Extensive series exploring the consequences of Christian beliefs:
"Tough Questions for Christians #1: When can God Forgive?" (by azsuperman01) (one of a series)

Bart Ehrman argues why there is good reason to believe the Bible is inaccurate and unreliable:
"Is the New Testament Reliable?" (by bdwilson1000)

Contradictions between Genesis and what science has discovered:
"What Genesis Got Wrong" (by Brett Palmer)

Contradictions between the Bible and what science has discovered:
"What the Bible Got Wrong" (by Brett Palmer)

Addressing the supposed "scientific truths" found in the Bible:
"Top Ten (Failed) Proofs for God's Existence: Part 7" (by Brett Palmer)

Debunking the claims that Job provides advanced scientific knowledge:
"The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of Job:" (by Brett Palmer)

Debunking JPHolding's claim about Elisha and the bears:
"Looney Cartooney Apologetics: JPHolding and Da Bears" (by Brett Palmer)

Biblical contradictions, and Jesus' lessons that Christians ignore:
"Christians are not Christian" (by Captain42x)

God breaks his promises to Noah:
"Yahweh's Broken Promise" (by Captain42x)

How God subverts free will:
"God Believes in Free Will?" (by Captain42x)

Showing how dramatically and inconsistently the "one true" Bible has changed over time:
"Canon of Scripture" (by crazypills2)

Significant contradictions in scripture:
"The Bible" (by crazypills2)

A God who needs to fine-tune is a God who is subordinate to a higher power:
"God's Hand Was Forced" (by DarkAntics)

Ways Jesus' death conflicts with the concept of ancient sacrifice:
"Jesus Wasn't Sacrificed" (by DarkAntics) 

God took three days to create the Earth, then only one day to create the rest of the universe?:
"The Most Wrong Anyone Ever Was" (by DarkMatter2525)

The inconsistency and illogic of God allowing evil and free will:
"How God Favors Evil" (by DarkMatter2525)

Why metaphorical claims for Adam and Eve undermine the whole point of sacrificing Jesus:
"Real Christians Cannot Believe in Evolution?" (by Discern4)

How God's "very good" creation was far from perfect:
"And people pray to this incompetent?" (by dprjones) and

The Bible contains provably false claims for how to cure leprosy:
"The bible strikes 13" (by dprjones)

Contradictions, confusion and nonsense in the Bible (by GreatBigBore):
(the whole series is too extensive to list here, so only the first video in each series is included)

Contradictions, confusion and nonsense in the Koran:

Some of the less well-known examples of "non-Christian" morality in the Bible:
"Sex & Violence in the Bible - David Fitzgerald - Skepticon 6" (by HamboneProductions)

Evidence that the authors of the Bible believed the world was flat:
"Flat Earth According to the Bible" (by KingHeathen)

NEW! Demonstrable problems with Mormon scripture and belief:
"The Way of the Mister: The Mormon Testimony" (by misterdeity)

NEW! Contradictions and other problems with the Ten Commandments:
"HOLY $#!% Ep.1: Top 10 Commandments in the Bible" (by Mythicist Milwaukee) (one of a series)

Applying critical thinking to the Bible:
"Critical Thinking and the Bible" (by nathanaelstacy1)

Mistakes and oddities in the Bible:
"Brief Bible Blunders" (by ProfMTH)

How Christians resort to bullshitting to escape facing logical problems in the Bible:
"Christians Do NOT Understand the Bible" (by ProfMTH)

Response to the claim Jesus' disciples would only have been willing to die for their cause if the resurrection had actually occurred:
"DID the disciples die for a lie?" (by ProfMTH)

Understanding Jesus' failed prediction about the second coming:
"Jesus Was Wrong" (by ProfMTH)

Prophecies that Jesus did not fulfill:
"Jesus Was Not the Messiah" (by ProfMTH)

Additional biblical contradictions and discrepancies (by ProfMTH):

Perhaps God is the bad guy and the Devil is the good guy:
"Christians, I am the Devils Advocate: Literally!" (by noelplum99)

The problems of getting from the devastated world after the Flood to the population of Abraham's generation:
"From Noah to Abraham" (by noelplum99)

The Bible's vague, trivial, pre-known, false, unsupported, unfulfilled and self-fulfilling prophecies:
"7 Problems With Biblical Prophecy" (by SkepticalStudent)

Problems with biblical literalism:
"Do YOU Know Your Bible?" (by TaylorX04)

Would Christians follow Jesus if he had appeared today instead of 2000 years ago?:
"Jesus: Miracles Fail" (by TheAmazingAtheist)

Absurd Bible claims (by TheThinkingAtheist):

An investigation of whether Jesus was ever a living human:
"Jesus: Hebrew Human or Mythical Messiah?" (by TruthSurge)

Questioning the reliability of the resurrection:
"Excavating The Empty Tomb (beyond a reasonable doubt)" (by TruthSurge) (one of a series)

What the Bible actually says about what heaven will be like:
"What Will Heaven Be Like?" (by Underlings)


Definitions and Philosophy:

Analyzing the problems with apologetics philosophy:
"Philosophical Failures of Christian Apologetics" (by AntiCitizenX)

Disbelief in God does not mean life has no purpose:
"A Purpose Without God" (by antybu86)

Problems with the concepts of omnipotence, omniscience, etc.:
"The Illogical God" (by antybu86)

Why the arguments theists use to prove God simply don't work:
"Poor Apologetics 1: First Cause" (by azsuperman01) (one of a series)

Great minds explain why belief in God is not rational:
"Rationalism Breeds Atheism" (by bdwilson1000)

Austin Dacey arguing against the existence of God by virtue of the evidence (in a debate against William Lane Craig):
"The Case Against Theism (Austin Dacey)" (by bdwilson1000)

Tracie Harris explains why there is no way to connect the dots from any unexplained event to a universe-creating god:
"Why is a supernatural hypothesis invalid? (The Atheist Experience)" (by bdwilson1000)

Why atheism makes more sense than theism:
"Making the Case for Atheists (former preacher Dan Barker)" (by bdwilson1000)

Jeffery Jay Lowder offers 8 reasons for why naturalism is more probable than theism:
"The Case for Naturalism (and against theism)" (by bdwilson1000)

NEW! Richard Carrier's three main reasons why atheism makes more sense than theism:
"The Case for Atheism (Richard Carrier)" (by bdwilson1000)

NEW! Richard Carrier explains how Jesus didn't know anything about germs:
"Why Christianity is Unreasonable (Richard Carrier)" (by bdw5000)

Why atheism is the default position and the burden of proof is on theism:
"Atheism vs Theism - The Burden of Proof" (by BionicDance)

Carl Sagan's analogy between belief in God and belief in claims about an invisible dragon:
""The Dragon in My Garage" by Carl Sagan" (by C0nc0rdance)

How the burden of proof is a critical problem for apologists:
"The Prefailure of Apologetics" (by DeistPaladin)

Inspirational perspectives from leading atheists:
"Voice of Reason: Sam Harris - The morality of God" (by DogmaticCURE) (one of a series)

Addressing the common claims Christians often make about atheists:
"Common Misconceptions About Atheism" (by DonExodus2)

Jesus' teachings that make no sense:
"Edward Tarte--Was Jesus a good teacher?" (by edwardtarte) 

The failure of prayer:
"Jesus' Promises re Prayer" (by edwardtarte)

How the universe is so much more amazing and awe-inspiring without belief in God:
"Shock and Awe: A Former Christian Ponders the Cosmos" (by Fibbs1701)

Understanding the difference between atheism and agnosticism:
"You are not Agnostic" (by FightingAtheist)

Experiencing evidence does not eliminate free will:
"Do Miracles take away Freewill?" (by FightingAtheist)

A list of evidence that could convince an atheist that a religion is true:
"How to Convert an Atheist" (by FightingAtheist)

Evidence that Christians are not sane (by GIIVideo):

Challenging the very foundations of religious and supernatural beliefs and comparing them to possible alien deception:
"Epistemological Arguments Against Religion" (by KnownNoMore)

How the very existence of apologists makes no sense:
"Why Apologetics is Meaningless" (by KnownNoMore)

Revealing the flaws of the ontological argument:
"Why the Ontological Argument is Meaningless" (by KnownNoMore)

Great minds musing on the existence of God:
"Rationalism Breeds Atheism" (by LibertarianSara)

Sally Haslanger discusses the problem of evil, the ways people believe in God, and what's bad about having contradictory beliefs:
"Disproving God: The Problem of Evil" (by LibertarianSara)

Arguments against the existence of a soul:
"I Know You Haven't Got Soul" (by noelplum99)

Why evidence is more important than faith for free will decisions:
"The God of Stupidity?" (by noelplum99)

How a simulated universe could reflect on the characteristics of a deity:
"The Greatest Argument For God in the World...... Ever!!!" (by noelplum99)

Responding to the question of what evidence an athiest would require to believe in God:
"Re - Atheists: What Evidence Do You Require To Believe? by SamiZaatari" (by noelplum99)

Why it makes no sense to consider atheism a religion:
"Atheism - How many gods do YOU not believe in?" (by NonStampCollector)

An analysis of the false claims Christians make about atheists, God, and Christianity:
"Lies Christians Tell and why They Tell Them" (by Not1delusion)

The evidence against the claim that seeing God would eliminate free will:
"Does Evidence for God Remove Free Will?" (by Number0neSon)

Why someone would convince another of an afterlife:
"Who Would Start A Religion?" (by philhellenes)

Comparing belief in God with belief in a talking giraffe:
"To All Religious Teenagers" (by philhellenes)

The majesty of the universe seen through the eye of science:
"Science Saved My Soul" (by philhellenes)

How atheists can be reasonably certain there is no god:
"Reasonably Certain" (by philhellenes)

One way of handling the request for "proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct":
"VoodooSixxx PWNS Shockofgod To Shreds (Mirror)" (by philhellenes)

Addressing and refuting many apologetic arguments:
"Wholly Crap! Vol 1 - Intro to Apologetics" (by Qillz) (introduction to a series)

Explaining atheism:
"Lack of beliefs in gods" (by QualiaSoup)

The failure of prayer:
"The Power of Prayer, Part 1" (by rationalmuscle)

Christopher Hitchens explains his revulsion to religion that poisons society and exalts death:
"Hitchens delivers one of his best hammer blows to cocky audience member" (by rationalstabs)

Problems with Christian philosophy:
"Do Christians Really Believe What They Think They Believe?" (by SisyphusRedeemed)

NEW! An atheist's systematic and detailed critique of various popular Christian books:
"An Atheist Reads" (by Steve Shives) (each link is the first video of a series)

Clarifying the meaning and justification of atheism:
"Atheism is Justifiable" (by TaylorX04)

How could God know if he's actually omniscient?:
"What Not Even God Could Know" (by TaylorX04)

The Problem of Divine Hiddenness and why non-belief contradicts the existence of God:
"God's Burning Orphans..." (by TheoreticalBullshit)

Why it's worth making pro-atheism/anti-theism videos:
"Preaching to the converted [cc]" (by TheraminTrees)

Religion is a bad parent-child relationship:
"Religion — The Bad Parent" (by TheraminTrees)

The fallacy of Pascal's Wager:
"Betting on infinity" (by TheraminTrees) and 

How theists and atheists handle the concept of death:
"Death" (by TheraminTrees)

"An investigation into the human perception of intelligence, and how it leads to the Necessary Paradox of theism":
"God is not God: A Window Into Theism" (by TrenchantAtheist)

The philosophical, theological and scientific problems with the concept of free will:
"Christianity's Problem With Free Will" (by Underlings)

NEW! The problems for Christians if free will actually exists:
"Revisiting Christianity's Problem With Free Will" (by Underlings) 

The consequences of there being free will in heaven:
"Free Will in Heaven? - A Response to "Father Knows Best"" (by wimsweden)

Politics, Society and History:

The Ten Commandments aren't what Christians think they are:
"The 10 Commandments (An Atheist Reads the Bible - Vol 12)" (by 43alley)

How the claims and evidence for Jesus Christ parallel those for Kim Jong-il:
"Kim Jong-il vs. Jesus H. Christ" (by 43alley)

Naturalistic explanations for the human predisposition for religious belief:
"Why do Intelligent People Still Believe in Religion? 1 On the Origin of Stupidity" (by anubis2814) (one of a series)

Societal responses to genetic variation:
"Understanding Genetic Gradients" (by anubis2814)

How growing up in the death cult of conservative Christianity can lead to suicide:
"The Warren Suicide: The darker side of Christianity" (by anubis2814)

Christian dishonesty in education:
"The TFC on the BoE" (by Aronra)

Daniel Dennett's predictions about the state of religion 25 years from now (The Clergy Project):
"Daniel Dennett's Prediction" (by Aronra)

Comparing cult leaders with Jesus:
"Cult Leader Jesus" (by AuntieDiluvian)

The true story behind Noah's Flood:
"The origins of the Noah's Ark Myth" (by AuntieDiluvian)

The absurdness of the history of God and Christianity:
"What Easter Is Really About" (by Baud2Bits)

Debunking the claim that atheists are "untrustworthy, sad, suffering, idiot parasites who add nothing to society":
"Anything but an Atheist" (by bdwilson1000)

Problems with historical accounts and eyewitness testimony that call into question the reliability of miracle claims (such as those by Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba):
"The Case Against the Resurrection" (by bdwilson1000)

Exposing Christian bigotry and lack of trust toward atheists:
"Anything but an Atheist" (by bdwilson1000)

The history and intent of sacrifice:
"Sin and Sacrifice" (by binaryspider)

Carl Sagan's musings on the impact of science on religion and society:
"A Universe Not Made For Us: Remastered in HD [Carl Sagan Tribute Series, S01E01]" (by callumCGLP) (first of a 24-part series, not all of which necessarily fit well on this list but are nevertheless worth viewing)

A collection of various news reports showing how Christianity harms society:
"Religion Hurts Humanity" (by ConversationWithA)

Showing how criticism of Islam is not a form of bigotry:
"Islamophobia" (by Counter Arguments)   

Misogyny in the New Testament:
"Why Would Any Woman Be A Christian?" (by CultOfDusty)

Pointing out the paucity of evidence that Jesus existed:
"Jesus Never Existed" (by CultOfDusty)

Showing how belief in the resurrection of Jesus is even less reasonable than belief in Mormonism:
"The Resurrection of Jesus- Fact or Fable?" (by Dan Courtney)

Examining the historical evidence that Jesus existed:
"Skeptic Bible Study" (by DeistPaladin)

Problems with Islam and its relationship with Christianity:
"Skeptic Koran Study" (by DeistPaladin)

National Geographic documentary showing how the variety of sex found in humans is also found in the animal kingdom, and thus natural:
"Wild Sex" (by djarm67) (first of 5 videos)

How reliable is the King James Bible?:
"A Brief History of the King James Bible?" (by dprjones)

Evidence that US society was not founded as a solely Christian nation:
"The Treaty of Tripoli" (by eddygoombah)

The statistical evidence that atheistic nations are more peaceful than Christian or Muslim nations:
"Peace Is Non Theistic - Statistical Data" (by EpochOfReason)

How Jesus may have been no different from any other alleged deity:
"Did Jesus Exist?" (by FightingAtheist)

"An examination of Islam, violence, and the fate of the non-Muslim world":
"Islam - What the West Needs to Know (full)" (by FightJihadi)

A list of reasons to fight against religion:
"Why Atheists Care About YOUR Religion" (by gogreen18)

History Channel documentaries on how supposedly Christian holy days are actually pagan celebrations:
"A Pagan Celebration" (by iamINCtv)

Conservative S.E. Cupp's mistaken and likely disingenuous views on atheism:
"S.E. Cupp 'Our Atheists are Better Than Yours!'" (by JaclynGlenn)

NEW! The great hypocrisy of Christians who accuse atheists of hate speech:
"WOTM: That's Just Religion" (by misterdeity)

NEW! A comparison of atheist "fundamentalism" and religious fundamentalism:
"The Way of the Mister: Atheist Fundamentalist'" (by misterdeity)

NEW! The fundamental and irreconcilable differences between science and religion:
"WOTM: Science & Religion are Mortal Enemies, Part 1'" (by misterdeity)

A discussion of the potential pitfalls as well as topics and techniques to use in officially debating creationists:
"Do's and Don'ts Debating Creationists" (by NatCen4ScienceEd)

"Genie Scott explores new anti-evolution bills, how evolution really works, why some people deny evolution (and the scientific method), and more":
(The whole series of hundreds of videos on teaching evolution in schools is too extensive to list here, so only one representative video is included)
"Creationism, Evolution, Education--and Politics" (by NatCen4ScienceEd)

NEW! Neil Carter addresses various Christian misconceptions to a church congregation:
"Interview an Atheist in Church Day" (by Neil Carter) 

The irrelevancy of the 10 Commandments to Western civilization:
"The Ten Commandments- the basis of our laws and morals" (by NonStampCollector)

The danger religion poses to society by making it difficult to discern the difference between religion and insanity:
"Religion or Insanity? Where's the line?" (by notinmyname2050)

Explaining how Christian claims against homosexuality are false:
"How to confuse a creationist -- Homosexuality, Evolution and the Bible" (by potholer54)

Showing how our legal rights are not from God:
"God Given Rights? Nonsense!" (by ProfMTH)

The Christian struggle to deal with nonbelievers and how God blinds people to Christianity:
"Failure by Divine Design (A Christian Construction of Unbelief)" (by ProfMTH)

Why secularism and gay marriage are more fair and less divisive for society:
"Secularism" (by QualiaSoup) 

An exploration of the historical evidence for whether Jesus existed:
"Jesus Has Left the Building" (by TaylorX04)

An examination of the separation of church and state in the U.S. government:
"The Real Wall" (by TaylorX04)

What atheism can learn from religion:
"Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0" (by TEDtalksDirector)

Common mistakes Christians often make about atheists:
"15 things to NEVER say to an atheist" (by The Atheist Voice)

Charles Darwin's impact on history, society and philosophy:
"The Genius Of Charles Darwin" (by TheScienceFoundation)

Absurd beliefs of modern Christians:
"You Gotta be Sh!#%tin' Me" (by TheThinkingAtheist):

What Christians really mean when they say ________:
"Understanding Christianese" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

A refutation of the claim that the US is a Christian nation:
"A Christian Nation?" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

How religious conservatives use the same arguments against atheists that racists used against blacks, and other faulty Christian arguments:
"Atheists shouldn't have rights -Fox News" (by Thunderf00t)

How people's concepts of God are based on their own emotions:
"God's Emotions: Why the Biblical God is So Human" (by TrustingDoubt) (one of a series)

Historian Dr. Richard Carrier compares Christianity to other religions to explain the actual historical evidence that Jesus existed:
"Why I Think Jesus Didn't Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence That Changed His Mind" (by uncgatheists)

Exploring how new technologies will seriously challenge religion:
"Science & Technology vs. Religion" (by Underlings)

Showing how our laws mostly contradict the Ten Commandments:
"The Ten Commandments" (by Underlings)

The biblical evidence that Jesus was a narcissist:
"Jesus Christ, Malignant Narcissist" (by vakninmusings)

"Wafa Sultan speaks about the dangers to the West of Islamic Sharia Law":
"Wafa Sultan on Sharia" (by WafaSultan2008)

Does a human life really begin at conception?:
"Ab0rtion" (by xxxThePeachxxx)


The morality of the Bible:
"An Atheist Reads the Bible" (by 43alley)

Sam Harris muses on the morality of the Christian God:
"Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism" (by 71Plastico)

NEW! Modern Christian behavior and immorality in the Ten Commandments:
"The Ten Commandments" (by AaronRa)

Christopher Hitchens explains the numerous immoral foundations of Christianity:
"Christianity is False and Immoral. (Christopher Hitchens)" (by bdwilson1000)

A great opening statement from Dr. Keith Parsons in his debate against William Lane Craig:
"The Case Against Christianity" (by bdwilson1000)

An argument for why morality is subjective:
"Objective Morality Does Not Exist" (by BionicDance)

Clip from the movie "God on Trial" (Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz put God on trial):
"God on Trial: The Verdict" (by BBC/WGBH Boston)

Comparing William Lane Craig's claim that the problem of evil is dissolved by positing an evil God:
"The Problem of Good" (by Brett Palmer)

The problem with God giving people the free will to commit evil:
"God and Free Will" (by Brett Palmer)

What happens when you apply logic to religion:
"The Logic of Religion" (by cdk007)

A good person is someone who does good without the threat/reward of religion:
"Why Don't You Commit Murder" (by cdk007)

Calling into question the morality of God (not just for Muslims) (by CEMBadmins):

What happens when you leave healing up to God rather than medicine:
"Children who have suffered because their parents chose prayer over medicine" (by ConversationWithA)

Showing how morality doesn't require religion:
"Atheists Have No Morals" (by Counter Argument)

The mechanisms and techniques religions use to infect, manipulate and addict people:
"The God Virus Series" (by damon132)

William Lane Craig's problems in addressing the logical problem of evil and free will:
"What a Tangled Web We Weave" (by DarkAntics)

The magnitude of unnecessary suffering God inflicts on humanity:
"Sam Harris Morality and the Christian God" (by Dave Bowman)

A tally of how many people God killed vs. how many Satan killed in the Bible:
"How Many Has God Killed?" (by Discern4)

Why the sacrifice of Jesus wasn't a sacrifice, nor a moral act:
"A Sadomasochistic God" (by DiscoveringReligion)

The hypocrisy of calling God a loving God by revealing how many people he has killed:
"The Loving God" (by dogmaticCURE)

Why objective morality doesn't exist:
"Religion - objective morality" (by dprjones)

The immorality, injustice and irrational consequences of Christian theology:
"The God Spell Series" (by FishHeadSalad)

Biblical examples that contradict our morality:
"The Top 10 Reasons Why the Bible is Repulsive" (by GIIVideo)
Follow-up by ProfMTH:

Dissecting poorly argued theistic claims for God and against science:
"God's Quality Control" (by GreatBigBore)

(Additional parts to the series don't necessarily fit well on this list but are worth viewing)

How the conditions of the world and what Christians believe can only result in an evil God:
"Dr. Sam Harris vs. "Dr." Craig BEST POINT IN THE DEBATE!" (by HighPoweredLasers)

Morality, inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible:
"An Honest Search for the Truth" (by holysinecure)

Refuting the claim that Jesus was a good moral teacher:
"Madman or Something Worse" (by MadmanMovie)

Explorations of contradictory and abusive nature of God (by NonStampCollector):

Why atheists argue against theism even though they don't believe in God:
"Atheists SECRETLY believe in Yahweh" (by NonStampCollector)

How the God of the Bible is not consistent with the concept of objective morality:
"Objective Morality vs. Christianity" (by NonStampCollector)

Why Christian apologists are the ones who lack a basis for objective moral standards:
"Christian Apologetics: Hitler can't help you." (by NonStampCollector)

Why assuming God allows bad things to happen for good reasons is a problem:
"God is Good? Christianity's Self-defeating Argument!" (by noelplum99)

Why morality will never be treated as subjectively as theists fear:
"Morality, Curry and Dog Shit" (by noelplum99)

Addressing the claims that we cannot judge God's actions:
"Noelplum replies: Atheists have proven God is immoral and evil - Now what?" (by noelplum99)

Exposing the absurdity of claiming evil is the absence of good, thus evil is the absence of God:
"A Stomach Churning Image of Absolute Evil AND God off the Hook" (by noelplum99)

Refuting the analogy of God as a loving father:
"God Is No Father" (by Number0neSon)

The Bible is not the source of your moral code:
"Your moral guide" (by patcondell)

Evidence that atheists are more moral than theists:
"Atheists are immoral -- debunked" (by Potholer54debunks)

The Bible supports Nazi Germany, it doesn't oppose it:
"God Appointed Hitler? (The New Testament, Government, & Morality)" (by ProfMTH)

What Christians say about what happens to babies who die:
"Babies in Hell" (by ProfMTH)

How God's abuse of Job has nothing to do with divine love:
"The Book of Job – Part One": (by ProfMTH)

The historical, philosophical and theological problems with hell:
"Hell: an excessive punishment" (by QualiaSoup)

Adam and Eve were punished for concepts they could not understand:
"In the beginning, God created injustice" (by QualiaSoup)

Why you should ask people what they believe, rather than tell them what they believe:
"Arguing with ghosts" (by QualiaSoup)

Understanding and evaluating morality and immorality:
"Morality" (by QualiaSoup)

Refuting the notion that animals don't suffer from pain:
"Responding to William Lane Craig on animal suffering" (by skydivephil)

Evidence of moral behavior in various animals:
"Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals" (by TEDtalksDirector)

Why would a good God base salvation on faith?:
"God Sucks" (by TheAmazingAtheist)

A list of the many ridiculous problems with "God's plan":
"God's Checklist 2.0" (by TheoreticalBullshit)

A detailed rumination on the meaning of morality, and the problems with Christian concepts of morality:
"Treatise on Morality" (by TheoreticalBullshit)

Morality in the Bible:
"Our Bloodthirsty Bible" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

Additional related videos:

The biblical, philosophical and observational evidence that the God of the Bible is evil:
"The Case for an Evil God" (by Underlings)

Why God and the concept of praying is immoral:
"The Immorality of Prayer" (by WeisApple)

Exploring whether or not morality is dependent on God:
"Stephen Darwall: God and Morality" (by WirelessPhilosophy)

NEW! Matt Dillahunty explains why secular morality is the only viable morality:
"Matt Dillahunty: The Superiority of Secular Morality" (by wiscatheists)

Asking Christians if there's anything they wouldn't do if they believe God wants them to:
"What WOULDN'T you do for God?" (by ZJemptv)

The scriptural evidence that Islam permits rape:
"Raping Islam" (by ZOMGitsCriss)


"How I Gave Up Religion" (by 43alley):

"The story of how I became an atheist":
"My "Awakening" Story" (by azsuperman01)

Helping people trying to leave their religions:
"Recovering from Religion" (by damon132)

"Why I am no longer a Christian" (by DonExodus2):

"My Deconversion" (by deconverts):

"Leaving Christianity" (by djarm67):

Becoming an atheist increases happiness and honesty with one's self:
"What does atheism have to offer?" (by dprjones)

"Why I am no longer a Christian" (by Evid3nc3):

A Catholic priest quits his faith (by edwardtarte):

"How to tell your Religious Parents you are Atheist/Agnostic" (by FightingAtheist)

An ex-Mormon's deconversion story:
"Deconversion" (by gogreen18)

"My Deconversion Story" (by ProportionalResponse):

"Deconversion" (by prplfox):

Baptist deconversions (by ReligiousFiction)

"Journey to Atheism [Lovingdoubt MIRROR]" (by segankuz):

"From creationist to skeptic" (by suvarenee)--PRIVATE

"My Exodus From Faith" (by TaylorX04):

A minister's son becomes an atheist and starts Freethought Exchange:
"A Minister's Son" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

"Transition to atheism" (by TheraminTrees):

Psychological advice for dealing with a religious spouse:
"Losing Your Religion - Keeping Your Spouse" (by TrustingDoubt)

"Why I'm No Longer a Christian" (by ThePreachingAtheist):

"There are no gods" (by TheraminTrees):

A collection of deconversion stories:
"Atheism: in Your Words" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

Missionary and linguist Daniel Everett's account of how the Piraha Indians deconverted him:
"Missionary Linguist Jettisons Faith" (by wimsweden)

The awkward childhood and deconversion of a Pentecostal Christian:
"Growing Up (Extreme) Christian" (by XandarsMeteor)

Musings on the value of losing one's religion:
"Deconversion from Religion - Better for Humanity?" (by Zaunstar)

Why one should reexamine all beliefs after losing one's religion:
"It's Like Group Therapy For Atheists" (by Zaunstar)

Humor and Entertainment:

How missing pieces of a puzzle aren't license to force other pieces to fit:
"This is a Story About Two Guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle and Nothing More" (by AlbinoBlackSheep)

Anti-religion and anti-creationism karaoke songs:
"I'm a fundy" (by AuntieDiluvian) (one of a series)

Baba Brinkman's "Rap Guide To Evolution Music Videos" use rap to provide in-depth information about evolutionary topics:
"I'm A African" (by Baba Brinkman) (first of a series)

Spoof on Mormon ads:
"The Necronomicon" (by badadvicegoodtimes)

George Carlin on the absurdity of religion:
"George Carlin - Religion Is BULLSHIT" (by ChrissyA1) 

Series spoofing dial-in local access TV ministers:
"Bible Answers (episode 1)" (by Cose2Cose) (one of a series)

What it would be like if atheists acted like theists:
"If Atheists Acted Religious" (by DarkMatter2525)

How theists would act if they truly believed in heaven:
"If Heaven Really Existed" (by DarkMatter2525)

Illustrating the absurdity of God's plan:
"God's God" (by DarkMatter2525)

The absurdness of basing salvation on belief:
"If God Were a Firefighter" (by DarkMatter2525)

NEW! The absurdness of claiming nonbelievers choose to send themselves to hell:
"You Send Yourself To Hell" (by DarkMatter2525)

NEW! God's contradictory moral standard on slavery:
"Perfect Double Standard" (by DarkMatter2525)

Showing how fundies aren't aware of how ridiculous their claims appear even when they're parodied back to them:
"The Madness of Anti-Sandwichism" (by DonExodus2)

Amusing takes on popular Bible stories:
"Messed-Up Bible Stories" (by ebolaworld)

Satire of creationist claims from the perspective of a "Christian creationist":
"The Atheist Delusion" (by EdwardCurrent) (one of a series)

Garfunkel and Oates sing about the sex God can't see:
"Fuck Me In The Ass Because I Love Jesus" (by elmusa90) 

NEW! Young Inc. raps against religious morality:
"Atheist Rap - Morality - Young Inc" (by FreeThinkingAgain)

MC Hawking's classic "Fuck the Creationists":
"Creation vs Evolution" (by hughjarrse)

Amusing and poignant responses to theistic claims in various media:
"Christian Logic" (by JaclynGlenn) (one of a series)

The words of scientists autotuned and set to music:
"Symphony of Science" (by melodysheep) (one of a series)

The lighter side of what it's like to be God:
"Mr. Deity Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil" (by misterdeity) (one of a series)

A parody of economic theory serving to show the absurdity of Christian theology:
"WOTM: What a friend we have in Joshie!" (by misterdeity)

Short film that reveals how ridiculous Christianity appears to atheists:
"Kissing Hank's Ass" (by nimpsy)

Stories revealing the absurdness of Christianity (by NonStampCollector):

Summarizing the absurdity of Christianity in 30 seconds:
"Literalist Christianity through an Atheist's eyes" (by SecularAstronomer)

Running commentary as atheists read and react to the Bible:
"The Bible Reloaded: Atheists Read the Bible, Genesis 1" (by TheBibleReloaded)

Amusing rants against claims made by various theistic YouTube users:
"Holy Hallucinations" (by TheLivingDinosaur) (first of a series)

A cartoon and music video of MC Hawking, superhero:
"MC Hawking - What We Need More Of Is Science" (by therealmchawking)

The pointlessness of believing in God:
"The Story of Suzie" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

How the Christian God is no different from a made up god:
"The One True God" (by TheThinkingAtheist)

Topical news reports and commentary on a wide range of topics (not just religion, evolution, etc.):
(The whole series of hundreds of videos is too extensive to list here, so only one representative video is included)
"Pat Robertson: Miracles Don't Happen Because...of Science?!" (by TheYoungTurks)

A song against fundies:
"I Don't Like Fundies" (by TruthSurge)

NEW! All the gods interact during Yahweh's birthday party:
"God's Birthday" (by Um Sábado Qualquer)

What is the difference between believing in Jesus and believing in Santa Claus?:
"Jesus vs Santa" (by Underlings)

Rant on Mormons who go door-to-door:
"Door To Door Atheist" (by wwwheretictv)

"How to be a good Creationist" (by ZOMGitsCriss):

Finally...a song for atheists:
"Steve Martin: Atheists Don't Have No Songs" (by ZviZeav)


Talk Origins: An Index to Creationist Claims:

Detailed articles providing evidence for evolution and critiques of intelligent design:

Iron Chariots: "Responses, information and resources to help counter the glut of misinformation and poor arguments which masquerade as evidence for religious claims":

Numerous articles on "the controversy" between evolution and creationism:

Other forms of intelligent design that would have to be taught in schools:

Evidence against a recent creation:

Websites with a wide variety of articles debunking Christianity and theism:

101 Reasons Why Evolution is True: (Follow the links on the page for the actual explanations)

A collection of the evidence for human evolution:

Why physicists accept that the universe could occur through natural processes:
"Creation ex nihilo - without God"

NEW! Correcting common theist misperception about atheism:
"Atheist FAQ"

The Online Parallel Bible:

The many problems of Noah's Ark:
"The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark"

NEW! The lack of evidence that Jesus ever existed:
"Jesus Never Existed Says New Report That Finds No Mention of Christ in 126 Historical Texts"

Interlinear Bible:

Project Reason:


The Skeptic's Annotated Bible:

Evil Bible:

NEW! 1583 Reasons Christianity is Not True:

Fallacies commonly used by creationists:

Wikiislam: "A community-edited website which focuses on the critique of Islam":

"Atheist Eve" cartoons:

Atheist Republic: "Provides opportunities for non-believers around the world to gather with like-minded people, share their views and also provide each other with tools to better express themselves online and offline: 

Godless in Dixie: Blog with numerous articles on atheism from the perspective of a former evangelical Christian:

These are the 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world: 

NEW! A response to the claim that atheists are more likely to commit suicide:
"Bad Science: No, Atheism Does Not Cause Suicide"  

NEW! "My Deconversion" A devout evangelical Christian's journey of deconversion:

NEW! "It's a duck." What someone claims is true isn't as meaningful as the actual evidence:  

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