In early 2002 I read a Time Magazine article mentioning an online fundamentalist Christian website called Rapture Ready. In college I'd pursued a degree in evolution in part because of encounters with fundamentalists in high school, so out of curiosity I explored the site. On the Apologetics forum (account needed to access), I discovered a great deal of misinformation about science and evolution, and decided I had to debate the fundamentalists over these issues. Eventually, as I learned more about their religion, I began debating their interpretation of the Bible as well.

For over a year I put in many hundreds of hours defending science and evolution and arguing Scripture. Despite attempts to stay within the rules of the forum, I was banned at least seven times (unsurprisingly, the moderators and administrators are negatively disposed toward those who consistently win debates against the fundamentalists). Each time I had to return with a new "sockpuppet" with an entirely new personality and proxy IP address to avoid being recognized. I even organized a group of like-minded agnostics, atheists, Christians, pagans, etc. to help keep in touch and provide a pool of accounts for those who are banned.

Eventually I tired of having to go through the hassles of establishing a new sockpuppet, and I didn't like seeing excellent debates closing and eventually disappearing off the forum...only to have to address the same issues as they came up again and again. So instead I started creating a site to collect all the best arguments countering scientifically inaccurate fundamentalist claims. I didn't get very far before I discovered two sites that were already doing this and were much further along than my own site: the Index to Creationist Claims and Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism. I contacted the creator of the former site and made some additional article contributions to it. In 2005 the site was eventually published (in hardback) by Greenwood Press as The Counter-Creationism Handbook.

I have also written two articles addressing fundamentalism and evil (Proof That God Does Not Exist and Fundamentalist Christianity--The Worship of an Evil God).

In 2007 I made a few YouTube videos using an extremely lousy webcam, and learned the site is a highly effective education tool. So I purchased a decent webcam and some video editing software and started creating higher quality videos. My specialty has been proving the case that the literalist interpretation of the God of the Bible is evil, as well as educating creationists on evolution. See to view my video listing.

Some additional useful links on this topic include (the most comprehensive site dealing with the evolution vs. creationism issue) and Science and Creationism (the National Academy of Sciences' presentation of the mainstream scientific position).

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Note: My name is an anagram for "dark e-atheism." ;-)