On Feb 29, 2016, Judith and I moved into our new home, the "Phoenix House" (named after the many times the purchase fell through and then resurrected from the ashes):

Bats often live behind the shutters on each side of the front windows:

Front entrance. Guest bedroom straight ahead:

Deer antler chandelier. Beautiful or grotesque? Or both?:

View from the living room. Judith's office (technically a wet bar) is on the left. It looks like a reception desk!:

A touch of the indoor bamboo garden my family had in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Living room, kitchen, dining room:

Without stained glass:

With stained glass in place:

Kevin photobomb:

Mousse photobomb:

Guest bedroom:

Guest bathroom:

Main deck (out of a total of four decks) view:

Looking down from the main deck to the backyard and adjacent state park:

Mid-May 2016 lake view (87% capacity, which is the average maximum yearly depth):

Early October 2016 lake view (30% capacity, the lowest level for the year):

Late summer 2015 lake view after an extended drought (actually just a river at this point):


Stairs up to the belvedere above the garage:

View from belvedere:

Even the garage has a view of the lake:

Now heading on downstairs...:

Entrances to master bedroom (left) and cat/second bathroom (center):

Cat/second bathroom:

Master bedroom (technically the second bedroom):

Directly below bedroom window. Deer photobomb. Yes, propane used here for heating and cooking:

Master bedroom deck:

Downstairs hallway along deck:

Laundry room:

Office/gym/art studio/man cave (technically the master bedroom, but it's too big for that!):

My workstation:

Two views from my workstation:

View from on the office deck itself:

Looking up at the main deck:

Closet/dressing room:

Master bathroom:

Two-person shower:

That's the tour!


The following are all views of the same scene at different times and weather conditions. This is mid-afternoon:


Wispy fog floating across the lake surface in the morning:


After morning rain:

Early morning:

Early evening:


Strange pink sky and rainbow just before a hailstorm:

Smoky morning haze from a fire beyond the mountains:

Worse the next morning:

A few of the neighborhood critters:

This skirl often licks the concrete tile, for some reason:


Emus?! There are alpacas and llamas in the area, too:

Judith and me by the lake, with the Phoenix House between us in the background (with the reddish roof)

That's all for now....