Based on a tendency I've had for many years, I created trilex ("three-word") poetry (a.k.a. "phuk" poetry), which is specifically designed to put amusingly disturbing or bizarre images in people's heads. Basically, it's a minimalist form of whimsical poetry consisting of just three words that are normally not found in association with one another, but which together evoke a strong mental picture--usually in an odd and disturbing but amusing way. The structure usually (but not always) consists of one adjective followed by two nouns. Alliteration optional.

Here are a few not-too-obscene/disgusting examples (for the sake of this website):

                Bubbling nostril pudding
Chilled pork panties
Tepid goat grin
Random navel spelunking
Lovingly molested melon
Intermittent buttock cupping