I've been shooting trap and skeet on and off since high school, where my father taught me to use shotguns at the amazingly extensive and internationally famous gun club outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. I learned with a 12 gauge Winchester 101 over-and-under. In the army I purchased my current shotgun, a 12 gauge Browning Citori over-and-under with Invector choke system. My average score for a 25-shot round of trap started at around 14. My current average is about 20, and I once scored a 24. I only go shooting a few times a year, with Bay Area friends who have recently taken up the sport. Since 2002 I've added sporting clays shooting. Although more expensive than trap or skeet, sporting clays is much more leisurely and a more realistic representation of actual bird hunting.


The only shooting picture I have available at the moment, with my Citori.